Daily Face Cream

“No one is you, remember that"

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Moisturizing cream for face – neck – neckline, for all skin types. Rich and light texture that is quickly absorbed. Offers up to 75% moisture, antioxidant protection and coverage from the city sun, thanks to the UVA + UVB filters it contains.
For all skin types.


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Apply in the morning - evening on clean skin a sufficient amount to face - neck - neckline, massaging with upward movements.
1. ROSEMARY OIL : The essential oil derived from the leaves of rosemary contains powerful antioxidants. It acts simultaneously as a natural astringent, soothing, moisturizing, toning and firming the skin. It also improves blood circulation in the skin cells, giving it a glow.
2. Bisabolol: Powerful soothing agent which is found in chamomile. It has antifungal and antibacterial activity. Suitable for irritated and sensitive skin.
3. OSMOCIDE 2 : Has positive effects on the microbial safety of products, prevents the growth of microorganisms and helps to minimize or eliminate preservatives. Thus, there are powerful moisturizing agents with anti-irritant properties, while acting against the main acne-associated microorganisms (propionibacterium acnes).


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