Ice Therapy

Facial & Body Ice Therapy Face Tool

SKU 0007

Fill it with your favorite ingredients such as: strawberries, lemon, tea, matcha tea, cucumber or what you may prefer.
Let your imagination free!
Feel the intense freshness by absorbing the vitamins from the natural ingredients of fruits or vegetables & enjoy the benefits of ice therapy!


On clean skin, apply for 1-2 minutes per area, depending on your skin's degree of sensitivity.
TIP: For deep hydration fill it with water, enhance it by adding a few drops of
Calming Hyalouronic Serum!
The benefits of ice therapy are:
-Tightening the skin pores.
-Improving the blood circulation of the skin.
-Reducing the wrinkles and suggy eyes.
-Soothing irritations and helping eliminate acne.
-Illuminating and giving an immediate glow.
-Lifting the skin by acting like a natural Botox.
-Assists in redefining the Oval of the face.

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